08 October 2007

Life hint

My parents are in their 80s. Their friends keep dying on them. It is really sad - if you live long enough, you end up outliving your whole peer group.

Note to self: make some younger friends.


super des said...

What a sad thing. But I would like to point out that I'm younger than you. (and not point it out in a braggart way)

meno said...

This is also happening to my parents. I begin every conversation with them by saying, "Who's in the hospital this week?"

Kind of morbid, but it makes them laugh.

NH Yocal said...

Yes, I really don't want to get to this point. So very depressing....and depressing too to be the oldest one having young friends feed me and push me around in my wheelchair. I know...when I am old I just won't have any friends!

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