13 October 2007

Baseball report

Diamondbacks lost and are down 2-0 in the series. Boo. Dang, those Rockies look strong.

But Cousin Doug looked great in 5 innings and even scored a run!

I don't have much hope for the Diamondbacks OR the Indians. My only hope is that the Rockies might be able to humiliate the Red Sox in the series. Bwaa haa haa.

In other news, I am having lunch with my baseball-loving friend Stacy at La Super Rica. La Super YUM!

Every year she and her mother make a pilgrimage to a different ball park. This year it was Boston. She promises to wear her Red Sox red socks, just for me.


Amie Adams said...

Ah fellow baseball loving women. Though having grown up near NYC I can't ever like the Red Sox. EVER!

Anonymous said...

Just caught up on your posts and I am so glad your dad is doing ok. Dont lose hope for the Rockies!


Suzanne said...

The Rockies won something like 16 out of the last 17 games. They are going for gold.

SUEB0B said...

Yeah, I thought the Rockies winning the last 19 in a row would mean that it was high time for a loss...NOT. I am glad Doug pitched so well, though.

It is kind of surreal to hear the announcers say "Doug Davis" over and over when you know it is cousin Mike's son...

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