23 November 2007

More like a white and silver Friday

I did something I never do.

I'm not so big on crowds. I'm not terribly keen on shopping, either, so the day after Thankgsgiving is usually devoted to seeing how many times a day one person can eat mashed potatoes (the record is eight, I believe. And no, I don't believe in those horrible non-fat "make them with vegetable stock instead of butter and milk" travesties, either).

This year was different. I went shopping on Black Friday. At the mall. I spent a boatload of money. I survived. And I was happy about it.

Despite my worst fears, I got in, got a parking spot right away, walked in, made my purchase and walked out, 10 minutes later, grinning.

The old Red Stapler iBook finally coughed up a hairball yesterday morning and expired, clicking and gasping.

Yes, my computer died on one of two days a year when it is physically impossible to get a new one. Do I have your sympathies? I suffered, people, I suffered for tens of computerless hours.

Yesterday was not a good day.

Today, much better. Those Apple store kids are so nice. And my new MacBook is just wonderful. Shiny. Happy.

Now to pay for it. Writer needs freelance work! Any and all offers considered.


Average Jane said...

Ooh, shiny! I'm still not setting foot in a retail establishment today even though I just finished the first book in series and realized that the other one I have is the third. If that won't get me to brave the crowds, nothing will.

SUEB0B said...

It was on sale too!! Yay.

QT said...

You are a very lucky woman! I went shopping once on the Friday after Thanksgiving in downtown Seattle and you could not pay me to repeat that experience again.

Congrats on the new 'puter!

Anonymous said...

do I spy an ikea poang footstool? :P

SUEB0B said...

Good call, One Smarmy. The poang is on about its 5th generation of covers. I bought the frame with a ugly dirty leather cover at a garage sale for $10 about 20 years ago...still going strong. I find it sooo comfy.

Anonymous said...

I also had to get a new computer about one year ago. I went for my first Mac, an iMac. And from the moment I plugged it in and (after finding the start button) I loved it! It's easy, fast, quiet! Everything my not so old PC was not :-)

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