19 December 2008

We have a winner

It is time to call the holiday sweater contest. Amanda of KissMyAster won out, powered by the extra momentum of Sheer Husband Humiliation.

I mean, look at the poor man. Does he LOOK like has the holiday spirit?

No, he does not. He looks as happy as my cats did whenever I had to give them flea baths. Instead of Holiday Spirit, he has the Holiday Misery. I am sure many of you can relate, as the Holiday Misery seems to be as common a phenomenon as the Holiday Spirit. Misery may even have the edge - what do you think?

Congratulations, Amanda, well done. I will email you to find out what kind of gift card you want.


Anonymous said...

Not true! I was very happy that day, so overcome with joy in fact that I was anxious to get out of that seat! Amanda changed her weater after the photo, I wore mine everywhere for 2 days! Have you seen my blog?

Mayberry said...

well CRAP, I missed like your last whole bunch of entries (WTF bloglines?) but damn, I love that picture. Nice.

Loralee Choate said...

Dear God. That is one of the funniest things I have EVER seen.

Suddenly I feel so much less Bah-humbug about the holidays just knowing I'm not THAT guy!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! I love to win stuff, but--WOW--not at the expense of this double misery.

flutter said...

LOL oh he looks totally thrilled

Glennis said...

That man deserves a gold medal.

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