14 April 2010

The Layoff Chronicles Part 75: Interviewing

Interviewing for jobs reminds me of something else I don't like...oh, yes, DATING.

You get dressed up and go out and put on your best face and try to answer questions pleasantly and intelligently.

You find yourself saying things you didn't know you were going to say.

You wonder if this could ever work.

You wonder what they are thinking about you.

You wonder if you should have had that third cup of coffee and if you are talking waaaay too much.

You wonder if they are psychos underneath it all.

You wonder if you sound like a complete idiot.

You leave feeling that it went ok. Kind of. Better than ok.

Then you wait for a call back.

You count days, try to figure out if they will ever call.

You wonder what you say if they do call.

You hear someone else got called.

You wonder: Why them? Why not me? Am I that bad? The other person is really better than me? Has someone been spreading rumors about me?

You think: I didn't want to see them again anyway.

Then you do it all again.


Chris said...

A wise woman from Texas once told me that the want ads are like the personals. You say you want a beautiful blond who can dance, but you end up with a brunette who can cook.

lagata said...

The thought of having to go out into that pool terrifies me... Sending good thoughts your way!

claire said...

Ugh, I KNOW. I HATE interviewing. HATE IT. I am a terrible interviewer, too, which makes it that much more nerve-wracking...

It's a wonder I've ever really gotten a job since I take the opportunity at interviews to say inappropriate things about my previous bosses. That's what happens when you panic and don't know when to shut your stupid mouth: "...my last boss got the director's position probably because she was sleeping with the VP...", etc.

Diana said...

I have just started the Match.com portion of this analogy. I am sending out resumes and wondering why no one is calling me for a date/interview. I am actually looking forward to the dating/interviewing part. And if I think of it like dating then I might not want them to call me for a second date after all.

Good luck to you (and to me).

Suzanne said...

It took me 13 interviews until I got my current job. I felt luck and relieved to be done with the interviewing process and also excited to start something new. Three months into the job, I realized something: only dysfunctional organizations hire me. If I want to avoid working at a dysfunctional organization, I essentially have to turn down all offers I get. It's either purgatory, insane jobs, or move to live by myself in a cave. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I HATE dating! It's one of the most depressing things about being single. I especially hate Online Dating, and I freaking refuse to pay for someone else to reject me from a distance. If you're going to reject me at least do it because you genuinely don't like my personality.

hm. I went totally the opposite way than the other commenters.

apathy lounge said...

It's the cycle of survival. It feels like punishment. Until it's not anymore. Good luck!!

Ted said...

You summed it up perfectly. Looking for work blows.

Deodand said...

I hated it when I started to see jobs that I applied for reposted. And they didn't call me for an interview.

JoeinVegas said...

I've been looking since June, can't remember all the places I applied, but think your list is pretty good.

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