17 April 2010

Good Deed of the Day

I was sitting in my car at a stoplight. A young guy, maybe 19 or so, was crossing one way. Hoodie, jeans, bag of fast food in his hand.

A homeless-looking guy - long, tangly hair, shuffling, looking down at the ground and wearing multiple layers of dirty clothes with holes in them, was crossing the other.

I couldn't hear them, but I could read lips.

"Hey," the kid said as the homeless guy passed. The homeless guy literally jumped. I suppose most people never speak to him.

The kid held open his Subway bag right there in the middle of the street.

"Here. Take one if you want."

The homeless guy staggered back a step. He recovered, reached in the bag and took a sandwich.

"Thank you, thank you." The man was sort of bobbing and bowing and almost dancing.

Even as the kid was almost all the way across the crosswalk, the homeless man turned again and yelled "Thank you" one more time.


Dave2 said...

My beliefs are such that I cannot give money to anyone out of concern that they might use that money to harm themselves or somebody else. But when I do have spare monies, I can buy food for people who are needing it. The kindness truly is a reward unto itself.

And sometimes you even learn something.

Average Jane said...

That story makes me happy.

Mignon said...

I feel like you see and hear and take part in so many Pay-it-forward-type moments. You must have some crazy-good aura.

Jessica said...

If everyone could do one nice thing like this a month, the world would be a better place.

And, what a nice young man! His mama must be proud!

Suzanne said...

I'm all teared up.

flutter said...

the chinese spammer had loads to say about what a totally rad kid that is.

City Soliloquy said...

That made my heart smile. Thank you for the wonderful story.

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