28 July 2010

Not so wordless Wednesday

Sue n ringo
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I was ruing the fact that I hadn't written a post in forever, then realized that it was Wordless Wednesday and I could just post a photo. So now is your chance to see a large, sweaty woman with a sore butt and a mule!

This is Ringo, the mule CC talked me into riding at Yosemite. Did you know mules have surprisingly bony backs? Or maybe I am just...ahem...sensitive.

I'm just saying that there were some times during the ride that I had to do a little Lamaze breathing, and I have never been through a Lamaze class. Thank God for "A Baby Story."

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neeroc said...

I don't trust horses as far as I could throw them, but for some reason a mule ride seems like something I might try. Thanks for the tip about the bony butt, gives me an excuse to work on padding the old seat up *g*

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