17 October 2010

My Reverse Life List

Maggie Mason and her amazing hair have this thing about Life Lists.

(Well, maybe just Maggie does, and she might have just brought her hair along for the ride. I do not know for a fact that she consulted her hair.)

The idea is that you make a big list of things you want to do before you die, and then you do them. Simple.

The only problem is that I am too lazy and not at all goal-oriented, so even when I make those kind of lists, I lose the paper, or I forget about it even if it is right there on the fridge, or I change my mind, or I put stuff on the list that I think sounds cool at the time, but who do I think I'm fooling with the surfing lessons? I can't WALK without spraining both ankles.

So, I am doing a reverse life list. I am doing cool things first, and then crossing them off. This saves confusion and disappointment. Rather, it is entirely satisfying. Ah, one more item off my list! Why look, everything is off my list!

Hooray! Done! Until the next cool thing comes along that I can write down and then immediately cross off.  Instant gratification.

Reverse Life List:
1. Washing my hair in a waterfall.


Magpie said...

Putting things on lists so that one may cross them off is one of life's great pleasures.

Stimey said...

I agree with Magpie. I make lists with things like "make list" on it, just so I can immediately cross stuff off.

I'm a big fan of your list plan. It completely eliminates the fear of failing at your life list, which I think is maybe the worst part of a life list.

Erika Jurney said...

You are brilliant!!

mayberry said...

I love this plan. LOVE.

Unknown said...

Oh THAT's why you came back into the house with your hair wet. :-)

I think this is such an awesome plan - your backward list idea.

So great to meet you and to laugh side by side at the one McSweeney's post you actually think is funny. :-)

Keep in touch..


Average Jane said...

I'm not a life list person either, but early this summer I attended a workshop that included making a "vision board." It was basically a collage of things you want to focus on so you can help them along. And damned if I haven't made some of the stuff happen since then.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Your list is the only kind of list where I would be able to cross things off. Love it!

Alexandra said...

I am just here to say I think your tagline is absolutely hilarious. :)

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

I can now cross off my life list "See SueBob with wet waterfall hair."

My list is quirky but it works for me.


Dave2 said...

Waaaayyy ahead of you! I've been keeping my own list of awesome things to do that I've already done for years! It's really the best way to avoid disappointment when you're dead!

Ann Imig said...

I should've met you a long time ago.


traceyclark said...

i love you sue bob. so so much.

Ericka said...

that is GENIUS. sheer genius. which is why i'm totally stealing it. :-D

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