23 October 2010

The Raven Life List

My dear friend CC invented a new Life List today: Stuff I Have Done and Never Want to Do Again. Let's call it the Raven Life List ("Quoth the Raven: Nevermore"). Not quite as glamorous as some people's Life Lists, and certainly not sponsored by anyone, but worth considering nevertheless.

Get a haircut at Supercuts
Food poisoning from a suspect burrito
Be dumped for an ex-girlfriend
Have the ex-girlfriend come to a meeting I was leading - at my house
Dance with a guy who grabbed my boob
Break a high heel
Fart in a board meeting
Drop something valuable into a public toilet
Fly United Airlines
Have my car die on a freeway onramp
Pee my pants in public
Rent a room to a psycho
Be bullied in high school (hi, Jamie Lambert)
Fail a class
Be laid off
Deal with Charter Cable customer service
Eat leg of lamb
Lose my shoes in the mud
Have it rain for 28 days in a row
Live with an unmedicated person with bipolar disorder
Date someone who hated to brush their teeth
Have a landlord with boundary issues
Kill a rattlesnake
Be too cold to sleep
Go to a college on the quarter system
Lose an heirloom
Eat at Marie Callendars
Have the sewage back up in the yard
Go to small claims against idiots

Ok. Enough for now. You get the picture.


J said...

This list is hilarious! I suspect we all have one, too. I might have to borrow this one. :)

Count Mockula said...

Wow, I could check a LOT of those off my list. Seriously, a surprising number.

Laurie said...

I may well do this. You are, unsurprisingly, rocking the list subversion with great aplomb.

Ann Imig said...

This made me lol. My hygienist told me a surprising number of men NEVER brush their teeth, and ONLY come in once they start dating.


Lynnea said...

I agree with each and every one of these. But most of all, I HATE trying to sleep when I'm too cold. Hence, piles and piles of blankets.

Lawyerish said...

This is a GREAT idea, and I laughed rather uproariously at your list.

Ericka said...

and again, genius. and again, i steal. :-)

I can't find my blog said...

Charter customer service is it's own brand of hell.

The heirloom that I lost? The hankie that I carried on my wedding day. I left it in our room that night.

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