24 May 2006


In response to GandhiRules tagging me for Mrs. Fortune's Three Things for a Desert Island meme, I am packing for the trip.

Here the list that will convince you that I am even more odd than previously suspected

Permaculture: A Designer's Manual. With the help of this book, I could have my little island producing more food than I could eat in no time. I would have a crop of timber and lush, edible landscaping.

I love Permaculture. It stands for "Permanent Agriculture" but you can use permaculture principles with anything. One of the principles is that everything in a system has multiple roles and multiple relationships. Another is that each problem holds its own solution.

Here is my Permaculture story for the week: I was annoyed by the amount of abandoned shopping carts in my neighborhood. I was also annoyed that I wasn't getting enough exercise. I thought: what would a permaculturist do, if each problem holds its own solution?

Instead of going to the gym, I went out and returned carts, one cart at a time. It was free, it was good exercise, it cleaned up my neighborhood, and it had an added benefit: I got to talk to my neighbors because they inevitably asked, wide-eyed What are you DOING? They thought I was insane, and of course they were so right.

A Course in Miracles
I have been studying this hefty tome for 9 years. Maybe with endless island time on my hands, I could do the 365 daily lessons for once. And the other 600 pages would keep me occupied for some time to come.

On Cooking and Food
Three non-fiction books? Yep. This book is about the chemistry of food. What happens to food as it gets cooked? Why cheese smells like it does. All that stuff. As a true cooking geek and a bit of a science geek, this fills me with glee.

Bachs Cello Variations.
I could listen to this every day for the rest of my life. Now I just have to decide: YoYo Ma or Jacqueline DuPre performing? Or Pablo Casals? Arg.

The Complete Israel Kamawiwa'ole collection
Just damn fine island music. So sweet, so fun, so soothing.

Los Lobos, La Pistola y El Corazon
I could finally memorize all the words in Spanish because I would have time to practice over and over again. It has some dance music, some fun music, and a couple good cryin' in your beer songs.

Oh, this category is too hard. When I was young and worked at a movie theater, I could watch movies over and over. Now that I am an old cranky wench, I can barely make it through a DVD once. I'm so critical that I'm no fun to watch a movie with.

Office Space, obviously (see blog title). It would remind me of all the fun I was missing by not being at work in my little cubicle.

Repo Man
Why, oh why does this movie make me laugh so hard? It is so weird! But I live for the Plates of Shrimp (coincidences) in the movie and in life.

The Black Stallion
A beautiful movie AND an island movie. I love me some pretty horses.

My sister Laura. Because she is an island girl born and bred. She looks good in a sarong and I know she wouldn't mind some time sitting under a palm tree.

My daughter, Goldie. She may be a greyhound mix to you, but she is a child to me. And where I go, Goldie goes.

My ex-BF Marius. Ok, we quit dating in 1985. And then again in 2000 (long story). But he has the funniest, most elaborate stories you have ever heard. And he has jungle survival experience. He is good with a machete etc. An added bonus is that he and Laura have a great synergy when they are together. So we would be quite three peas in a pod, I think.

Ok, I'm ready. Please transport me to my island now. I said NOW.


super des said...

If you like that food book, do you like "good eats" with Alton Brown? When I watched tv I loved that show.

SUEB0B said...

No. It was a personality thing with him that bugged me. I am more of an Anthony Bourdain kind of girl.

Diz Rivera said...

I really love Iz's music too, but it's so emotional & meloncholy to me. I can't listen to it for long periods of time.

Once at a recital, Mina's class sang his version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow (imagine this in children's voices) and I couldn't stop crying. If I think too hard about it now, it will set me off.

Bamboo Lemur Boys Are Mean To Their Girls said...

You are very well prepared. I'm proud of you.

Anonymous said...

On Cooking And Food is a favourite of mine too!

Janet Evening said...

I would only have to pack my paddle ball game. And this lamp...

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