26 May 2006

Who loves their ISP? I do!

A few words about my cable internet provider, Wave Broadband. Could these folks be any nicer? Even when I am being a bit pissy? Because you KNOW that when Suebob doesn't have any internet access she can be...well...difficult.

I used to have Adelphia Cable, whom I shall not bother to link to. They were insufferable. (Enjoy your jail time, Rigases!) The hold times on service calls...well empires have risen and fallen in less time than it took them to answer the phone. And they only had ONE hold music song. They always had "Unusually high call volume." It's not so unusual when it happens ALL THE TIME, is it?

But I digress.

So my cable box went bad and I took it to the cable office where a nice lady gave me a new one. Which I promptly brought home and plugged in wrong, but I did not know that, so I made a service call. For Friday afternoon of a three-day weekend, see how clever I am?

"Oh, boss, I need Friday afternoon off to wait for the cable guy."

"Are you going to come back after he comes?"

"Hm, I don't know what time he will be there...I sort of doubt it." Sort of, yeah right.

Wild horses could not drag me back to work in the cube on a sunny May Friday afternoon.

Anyway, this whole process involved a bunch of phone calls. Which they always answered within 1 minute. And a bunch of questions. That they did not make fun of me for.

When Jake got here, it took him 15 seconds to figure out my cable ineptitude. Did he make snigger at what a dope I was? No. Was he young and cute? Yes.

Okay then. Fixed. Another satisfied customer. My $55 for next month is in the mail.


super des said...

oh my gosh, it's the workings of a porno. bad girl!

SUEB0B said...

Me and the cute cable guy....boom chicka wah wah

Anonymous said...

I was not thinking porn, however now that you mention it....

I am always so happy when the cable dudes are nice!!! I am cranky without internet....oooo so cranky!

Tupelo Honey said...

i wanna live in whatever utopia you've found! nice and service people do NOT go together here!

Cristina said...

I'm so glad you have a good Internet provider. There is nothing worse than having your Internet stop working and then getting poor customer service. Did you ever see Michael Douglas in Falling Down? Well, that's how I feel when my Internet stops working. Luckily, my provider is pretty fast at helping too. Otherwise, it would not be pretty. No sir-y.

Anonymous said...

Young and cute cable guy?

Totally worth a personal day!

I, however, would not know of such things because I always get the Jim Carrey kind of cable guys...*sigh*

Bamboo Lemur Boys Are Mean To Their Girls said...

So did you take Jake out for tacos?

Anonymous said...

we have a cute cable guy around here, i always hope i'm going to get him at my door!

Heather said...

Don't worry about random reviews. You have to submit your blog to IT2M to get reviewed.

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