13 May 2006

BlogHer contest countdown to the end

The super-easy contest to win a pass to the BlogHer convention in July ends Monday May 15 at 6 pm Pacific (I just added the 6 pm part because it is going to take me some time to count votes).

All you have to do to win is post a comment to any of my posts after March 24. Each comment counts as an entry. How easy is that? I tried to make this contest as suck-free as possible since I am sick of small print and things that look cool but actually stink.

If you win and are already going to BlogHer, you may grant the pass to a cool woman blogger of your choice. That would kind of double the fun.

The pass is a $258 value and I can't give you cash instead because a) I don't have it just now, thank you IRS, and 2) the pass is already paid for and is non-refundable.

So comment away. You have nothing to lose except a few brain cells at the poolside cocktail party.


Anonymous said...

I love that part about being able to grant the pass to someone else. I think that opens it up to a lot more people. And you, my dear, will be a super duper supergoddess for making it all happen!

Anonymous said...

I agree. It's really awesome to be able to donate it. Thanks RS!

Anonymous said...

It is a really awesome thing to do. While I *hope* that it would be me, I realize that it probably won't. lol

I'll have to remember this contest next year when I'm able to sponsor someone. :)

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Well, that's it then. Anonymous of media martian fame should be given the free pass. I don't have free domains coming out of my vah jay jay (to borrow a phrase)... How can I compete with that?

Anonymous said...

Aww, what an awesome contest. I've already registered but I know there are definitely some people who would love this chance.

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