12 May 2006

Photos from my travels

Scottsdale, Arizona.

How cuuuuuute!


Anonymous said...

At first glance, it looked like it said "Shooting Puppies"

noncommon said...

whatever. to whom is this sign targeted? (oh! i made a funny.) cuz from the looks of it, i should take roxy in there.

Anonymous said...

HAhahaha! I used to live in the Phx metro area and I don't remember that sign in Scottsdale. Maybe I'll have to go take a look for it next time I'm in town. heh

Bamboo Lemur Boys Are Mean To Their Girls said...

Ketucky girl, me too! I lived in Phx for 16 years.
I don't remember this sign either but it doesn't shock me that AZ would have one. For so many reasons, the sign is hilarious.
I love that you put it up Bob.

SUEB0B said...

It is over on Scottsdale Rd. I think, by the Giants Stadium.

It made me scratch my head...like, who are they trying to attract?

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