07 May 2006

Under the wire, by the skin of my teeth

I finally got the cash together to get my BlogHer conference entries paid for.

I needed 2 all-event passes for the conference. One for me, one for the lucky winner of my Big BlogHer DeLurking Contest (everyone who comments up until May 15 can be entered!)

I had thought this purchase would be happening a lot earlier. Like when I got my bonus from work in March. But then I found out one tricky thing about my bonus - they deposit it into our 401k accounts, not in our paychecks! That means we pretty much can't get at it without major tax penalties.

Great! You can imagine how happy I was to hear that after I had already set this BlogHer contest in motion. So I had to come up with some other cash source. Thank you, freelancing.

I went to the BlogHer site, found the entry form and filled "2" in the little box for all-event passes. My completed form got rejected. Why? Not enough spots were available. Huh? My palms started sweating a little.

I went back and put "1" in the box for the number of passes and tried again. Bingo. I was in. Apparently I got THE VERY LAST all-events BlogHer pass.

Then I was in a quandary. What about the contest? I needed a spot for my winner, or I couldn't go because I would feel ethically bound to send the winner and stay at home myself.

I went back and filled in the "Foundation Scholarship" spot and got the confirmation. Apparently they had some spots left for scholarship people, and they had already said I could go that route for my contest.

So I am going and the contest winner is going. I am either insanely lucky, incredibly stupid, or a little of both.

I can't wait to find out who the winner is, and I can't wait for July!


noncommon said...

you are very sweet to do that, especially in light of all the obstacles. i hope the two of you have a blast!

SUEB0B said...

It could be you - are you playing?

noncommon said...

what i wouldn't give for a vacation! but reality is..... well you get the picture. i don't even know when the event is. and i'm working a lot in july. it would be fun to get away and meet you though. and izzy. and others.

Anonymous said...

The suspense! It's exciting!
And you're so sweet to do this despite the hassle and cost.

tracey clark said...

SO, what you're saying is that in my horrible habit of procrastination I've come to know now that BlogHer is sold out? So, I have no chance of going? OH BUT WAIT! There is "the contest" where you are kindly going to choose some blogger woman (or man??) to join you at the conf?? SO, I STILL HAVE A CHANCE????????????????????

Anonymous said...

If the entry is a comment that that puts an awful lot of pressure to make the comment GOOD. So....I might fail because, this comment probably is rather ordinary...but I figure I want the shot anyhow. :P Thank Kristen, she sent me over.

Of interest: Why the HECK doesn't anyone point out how crappy ass crappy Katie Holmes has looking since she got drugged by...er...fell in lurve with Bonkers McCrazypants? I mean, SERIOUS. She looks like DOODY!

SUEB0B said...

You can still get day 1 cocktail party and day 2 tix...though I dunno if you'd want to travel to beautiful San Jose for just that.

SUEB0B said...

One smarmy...do you listen to Stephanie Miller by any chance? The Bonkers McCrazypants reminded me of Puffy McMoonface and Barfy McPukeshoes...

Good luck to everyone. Maybe next year I will save up and give 10 scholarships...in my dreams!

Cristina said...

wow, this is really nice of you to do. you must be a very nice person. why haven't i visited you before??

tracey clark said...

OK, seriously Bonker McCrazypants is like the funniest bleepin' thing I have ever heard. Ever.
I'm dying right now.

Anonymous said...

I soo missed out on going. I was hemming and hawing because I just got laid off from work 2 weeks ago and I just could not justify the expense since we're trying to live frugally until I decide to go back to work.

Then, I got a break the other day and had to cash in the last few of my measely stock options...well, lo and behold it was just over $300. SCORE! I sign on to buy and the first day is sold out. Noooooooooo!

I might still go to the second day since it is way cheaper and San Jose is literally just down the road. Oi. If not, there is always next year! :)

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