20 August 2006

Morning glory

I have no idea why depression is called "The Blues." Blue is the happiest, lightest, breathingist color to me. Depression should be called "The Mustards."

I had been wanting Heavenly Blue morning glories for decades, ever since I saw them on a neighbor's fence in San Luis Obispo.

I finally got some seeds and planted them and grew them to the flowering stage, which, for me, is a Major Life AccomplishmentTM.

Now I walk out every morning and admire their beauty. They are even prettier in person. The magenta ones are the hummingbirds' favorites, though.

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meno said...

They sure take the ugly out of a chain link fence in a big way. I've never seen blue MGs before. Lovely.

Unknown said...

I've never seen blue morning glories.

Nice work.
I actually killed a rose bush this summer, if you can beleive it.

Unknown said...

Good job! I love morning glories. And the blue super blue purpley ones are my favorite.

I think I must go get some now. You've insprired me

Anonymous said...

I like the color mustard. I say the blues should be called the grays. Oh wait, I like gray too. Oh boy.

Anonymous said...

Hemingway called his depression "the red hots." He too thought that blue was a bad color to describe depression.

yasser said...

well there are different kinds of blue and definitely the color of your flowers cannot be associated with depression;

Bamboo Lemur Boys Are Mean To Their Girls said...

Heavenly blue are heavenly

super des said...

Those are beee-youtiful!

I think depression should be called the melons. Melon, as a color, is my arch nemesis. I've no beef with blue.

Anonymous said...

Those are really pretty.

Around here, instead of clover interspersed with grass, there are flowering "weeds" that look like tiny morning glories crawling on the ground. Most that I've seen are white, but some are white with a fuschia stripe.

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