23 August 2006

Women are from Mars. Men are from somewhere foul and disgusting.

Men and women. Are we different species? You be the judge:

When I stay at Mr. Stapler's house, I sometimes get sick of keeping him awake with my constant tossing and turning and him keeping me awake with his snoring. Then I go sleep in the guest room.

Today we had the following phone conversation:

Mr. S: I rented out the guest room to a college student.
SB: Great, what are they like?
Mr. S: (He provides a description: male, older, Norwegian, studying acting, needed a place to stay immediately)...so he moved in last night.
SB: I hope you washed the sheets.
Mr S: Why? Did you do something to them?
SB: You KNOW I sleep in there.
Mr. S: So?
SB: Eeeeeeew.
Mr. S: What??? It's fine.

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meno said...

Men! Clean sheets? Wha? But, they LOOKED clean.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post title that could cover so, so many possible topics.

How could he not think to wash the sheets? Will he be providing this student with a USED toothbrush, too?

Carolie said...

Thank you! So my husband isn't the only one! When I first visited him, his navy blue sheets had white streaks all over them, as did his towels. Turns out he'd washed them ALL in one washing machine, with too much soap, and the streaks were powdered detergent. (yuck) When I asked how long since he'd washed them before my visit, he was silent for a long time. Finally, I said "well?"

He said, "I'm trying to remember when I bought them..."

Luckily, Mom trained my brothers early on. My sister-in-law once said to me "what is it with your brother? Every Saturday morning when we get out of bed, he drags all the sheets off the bed and piles them beside the door, before he's even half awake. I don't think he even realizes he's doing it!"

SUEB0B said...

The funny part is that I thought HE was the tidy one! He won't leave the mail in a pile on the table...go figure.

Chris said...

Sorry for the unsolicited comment, but I couldn't help it. Speaking as a guy, if they have only been slept in once or twice (and slept in alone), I think changing the sheets is a gray area.

Again... sorry for the comment from an unknown.

Lisa said...

When my sis in law came to stay with us over Christmas, I told my hubby the same thing. "Wash the sheets in the guest bedroom" And he said the SAME thing Mr. Stapler said!

Does he do the "snif test" too? If my hubby thinks it smells somewhat clean, he'll wear a piece of clothing again. Eeeew!

Oh and I love the new id pic! You look fabby, woman!

Bamboo Lemur Boys Are Mean To Their Girls said...

umm I lay somewhere in between. probably on the those sheets.

Anonymous said...

Clean sheets are a necessity for guests, but I'll wear the same shirt for 4 days in a row 'cause that's me wearing me.

SUEB0B said...

Chris - you don't have to apologize. I was WONDERING what guys thought.

I think most women think that sleeping on sheets used by someone they don't know isn't a grey area. It's kind of an eeeeew area.

Anonymous said...

Remember that commercial for Clorox bleach that talked about the "body soil" that is in sheets and towels? Bleeeuuuuggghhhh!

Heather B. said...

I rip the sheets off the second someone else has slept in my bed. Because, just, ewww.

Lucia said...

Even worse than the sniff test is asking YOU to do the sniff test. Step 1: Swing smelly t-shirt toward spouse's nose. Step 2: Ask, "Does this smell?"

sjnovak3 said...

I don't think my boyfriend has ever washed his sheets since he bought them. His excuse is, "I only have one set. What am I supposed to sleep on while they're being washed?"

Um, buy another set of sheets, toolbox.

Anonymous said...

ew ew ew ew ew

College student probably doesn't care either, but Mr. Stapler should probably understand that those sheets WILL be washed before YOU sleep on them again.

Along these same lines, when we have overnight guests who sleep in our guest room and then strip the bed in the morning, why do they leave the mattress pad and the pillow protectors in place? THOSE GET WASHED TOO.

ew ew ew ew ew

Suzanne said...

I often think I am a man, as I seem to have many disguting habits (in addition to whiskers, but that is another point). However, even I am not so gross as to offer a guest a used sheet. Oy vey!

Anonymous said...

Yeah-- Jeff doesn't get the need to change sheets. I am the only instigtator of sheet-cleaning in our household.

He also doesn't entirely get the concept of different people using different bath towels.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha - wow that is so incredibly foul.

I found your blog via TWC and I'm loving it.

musingwoman said...

Hi, new reader here.

I enjoyed this post! It reminded me of a study I just read about saying that men and women dream differently. Women tend to dream about home, family and work and men tend to dream about (get ready for the shock) cars, money and lots of sex.

So, we're different awake and asleep!

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