18 August 2010

Getting Old is Fun

I was judging a Toastmasters humorous speech contest last night and found myself sitting in the back row next to a gorgeous and charming man, Brian von Dedenroth.

(Judging a contest is no sign of my skill as a humorist - there were about 10 volunteer judges).

Now, my Toastmasters group isn't short on charming men - I am regularly flattered by the attentions of Bruce S., who is 80-something but still has a spark in his eye, a spring in his step, and a certain special way with the ladies. But I think even the men in my group would admit that we are long on smart and short on gorgeous, so Brian's presence was a pleasant surprise.

During a contestant interview, the interviewer was asking the speaker about sardine fishing (of all things).

"So six inches is a good size."

I could not stop myself. I whispered "That's what she says."

Brian jolted in his seat and choked a little.

I think I am going to enjoy being a terrible, shameless little old lady.


Nance said...

Michael Scott would be proud

elvie said...


meno said...

Unlike me, dick jokes just never get old!

orion said...

Right on, Suebob!

carwyn said...

oh, you are so right about him. Can I join and fight you for the seat next to him?

Suzanne said...

I already enjoy being a terrible, shameless little lady. I also look forward to the old part.

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