15 August 2010

Hot cha cha!

In a fit of botanical ambition, I expanded my little urban garden this year.

I grew:
-4 kinds of tomatoes
-Green Beans
-Herbs (dill, mint, chives, basil)
-Strawberries (pretty stupid, considering strawberries are $5 per half flat here)
-And this pretty "Hungarian Carrot" chile plant:
I assumed it would be sweet like orange peppers from the grocery store.

WRONG. I bit off a piece today and it made tears squirt out of my eyes. My mouth was afire, even after milk, cheese and a handful of Planter's low-salt Peanuts. I actually went over to the mirror to see if I had blisters on my lips and tongue.

I like spicy food - in fact, last Sunday I was making fun of my gringo friendsLaurieWrites, Goon Squad Sarah, Suzanne, and Clumber Kim for not being able to handle the "medium" hot guacamole at Rosa Mexicano restaurant. (They seemed to handle it better after a few Bloody Marys).

But this. This was different. I always thought of the Hungarians as mild-mannered people, spice-wise, based, I suppose, on their love of sweet paprika.

They fooled me. The Hungarian Carrot pepper is hotter than a Serrano, not as hot as a HabaƱero. But plenty hot enough for this gabacha. The plant produced a bounty, so I have quite a few. Any takers? I'll pick some for you.


Rachel said...

oh, but the Hungarians love their hot paprika as well...


Elvie said...

You are not a gardener unless you have strawberries.

sassymonkey said...

Tomatillos! I want to grow tomatillos! There are hard to find here in Canada-land and make a tasty roasted green salsa out of them.

J said...

Sounds like a gorgeous garden.

Bananas? Really? I assume those are difficult, since we import them all...

SUEB0B said...

J - Bananas are the easiest thing ever if you have the right climate. They grow themselves. It takes about 9 months though.

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