23 November 2006

Crap on a cracker

**UPDATE: Because of all the spam comments, I have lost access to my food blog until blogger can determine that it is not a spam blog. Do I need to try and express how happy it makes me to be cut off from posting on MY OWN blog because of &*%$#@! spammers??

I wasn't sure what I was going to do tonight. I was just hanging around the house, so I decided to go post at my long-abandoned food blog Snackish for the first time in six months.

I tried to publish and it took forever. Then I got an error message.

I started looking at comments, and even with comment word verification turned on, every single post since April of last year had become infested by spam comments. Spam comments consisting solely of thousands of links, literally thousands, mostly to p00rn-looking sites (ana1 f1sting, anyone? or 1llegal t33n sex acts? yuk.)

It felt icky and dirty just looking at it, like my dear little recipe blog had become polluted.

So I spent the evening deleting p00rn spam. Fun. Assholes.


Anonymous said...

So, if you were a spammer and on a first date and your date asked, "So, what do you do?"

And you said, "I create spam," not only wouldn't you get any, but you'd be punched by your date and everyone else within earshot.

Unknown said...

Ah. Nothing like a good ana! F!sting.

super des said...

That's so sad. At least you didn't have to delete the blog.

Anonymous said...

Well it sounds like it really boosted your comment numbers, ha,ha..

Anonymous said...

snackish - great name for the blog!

i've been infested lately with spam comments, too. blaaaaaaaaaah.

meno said...

Death to Spammers!!
Truly a life form lower than slime mold. And that's an insult to slime mold.

fat_toad said...

you need to enable comment review.

SUEB0B said...

Fat toad - already done.

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