23 November 2006

One more time

I realize that I forgot to tag anyone for that meme, but I think you could see my heart just wasn't in it. What kind of meme has questions like "Name a word that rhymes with Door"? Yawn.

It was perhaps my weirdest Thanksgiving ever.

Weirder than the one in high school where my BF's charming aunt announced as we were doing dishes, looking at me - "We have a guest here, so we will have to count the silver"?

Personally, I think accusing someone of thievery takes you out of the running for Hostess of the Year, right? Klassy with a k, that one.

Was it weirder than the one where my housemate Curt disappeared next door for an hour? It wouldn't have been so bad except the only two guests were my loud, opinionated, liberal, brash attorney BF Keith and my housemate's reserved Midwestern ladylike mom.

The minutes passed in a crawl as I tried to referee conversation. Or make conversation. Or just keep breating without descending into a full-blown panic attack. Time has not passed that slowly since my high school algebra classes.

Finally I went to see what was keeping Curt and found him sprawled on the neighbor's couch, a victim of the kind of California Thanksgiving-day hospitality that involves the offering of a huge bongload of sticky icky green bud. He was baked and had totally forgotten to come home.

Ok, maybe not that weird. But there was no turkey, no fake turkey, no mashed potatoes or yams and certainly no famous fennel chestnut confit. There were squash enchiladas at my parents' house, just the three of us.

Mr Stapler is in Napa and my sibs won't arrive til tomorrow. Mom said she is sick of turkey and didn't want to make a fuss, thus the low-key lunch.

To tell you the truth, I kind of miss the fuss.

Public service announcement: Dear Friends,

Now that Thanksgiving is over and you are on to the Christmas season, please consider your annual holiday photo card.

You have been my friends for years. So why do I get a holiday photo card with JUST your children in the photo? I know you love the precious little darlings, but does their existence erase yours? They look so cute in their holiday outfits, but to tell the truth, I am actually more interested in you than them, difficult as that is to believe, given their absolute perfection.

So sit your butt down with the kids and hand the camera to a responsible adult. And smile. No, not like that, a REAL smile.

Thank you. You look marvelous.


Anonymous said...

Oh, for familiar weirdness, and people smart enough to talk to...

Anonymous said...

I tagged myself with the meme for Saturday 'cause I'm feeling a little lazy...

Anonymous said...

Seriously. I don't like getting cards of just the kiddos -- however, to get us all in front of a camera... OR let me rephrase -- all in front where they can fit in the photo with my HUGE pregnant self -- is a feat.

I hate when I get a card and people just write LOVE.... It's like, I don't hear from you ALL year, you can't write HELLO? Or HEY?

Lynnea said...

Im with you about missing the fuss. We're doing the turkey fuss over the weekend so yesterday I felt a little sad. No family here, husband at work, no Thanksgiving champagne with my Grandmother. Yeah, it was not my favorite Thanksgiving day. If you pop on up to Canada by tomorrow you could join our fuss!

jess said...

OMG, can I copy that card note?

I realize that I am an ogre, and an evil childless one at that, but, hey, how are YOU??

Anonymous said...

Count the silver?! I'm truly speechless. What did you SAY?!

But I think the Thanksgiving where your housemate got high is actually quite funny.

And I'm feeling a bit smug that last year's holiday card had a photo of all four of us. Kyle and I completely agree with you - let's see a pic of the whole family!

Stephanie said...

This is the first year our Xmas photo doesn't have us in it. I took a photo of the kids that I really liked and decided we weren't going to mess about with photographers & such. Funny ;)

Susan said...

A couple of years ago, we had my father-in-law take Holiday Card Photos. There wasn't a single good one of all four of us (not the photographer's fault, really) so we chose the ONE where my husband and I looked GREAT and the kids looked fine.

And for months afterward I heard from people who said IT WAS SO NICE TO SEE THE TWO OF YOU!

Lesson learned.

meno said...

I hope you stole something, even if it wasn't the silver. Miss Manners (whom i adore) is having a fit over that comment.

SUEB0B said...

MgM - I was only 17 at the time, so I stood there like a stunned mullet, thinking evil thoughts. And saving it for my blog-of-the-future.

Lady M said...

Getting a photo of a group where everyone looks sane is not so easy . . . but I think we've managed to do it this year.


On your feminist topic post a few days ago - hear, hear!

Anonymous said...

you think just like I do about the kid picture thing. My husband and I insist that it is a FAMILY picture. Kids I am going to post our Chrismas Card picture on my site.

Haven't been here in awhile!
I have missed the Red Stapler in my life!

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