19 November 2006


I am so cranky due to a combination of Blogger and Bloglines problems that I have gone to bed early.

Question: Why, oh why, do the genuises at Blogger keep their status page on the same server as everything else?

*As Ali G would say


Peevish said...

Going to be early for you would be ... what, 5 pm?

Anonymous said...

Everything is going down the drain. Blogger, Bloglines and Blogrolling. Many of the blogs I read are on Blogger. Bloglines and Blogrolling is the only way to see who has updated. It's driving me crazy!!!!

Karen Bodkin said...

I love Bloglines when it works. I tried Google Reader, but meh. And Blogger sucks the big green weiner, waaaay too much of the time.

Marcia said...

Blogger is starting to drive me nuts. And I'm scared to change to the new blogger!

Suzanne said...

Other bloggers that I like and trust switched to blogger beta and love it and have no trouble publishing. So I waited and waited to be invited to switch over. Then I finally was, and when I tried to switch, it told me that I was not able to switch and could read the help page to find out why. Of course, the situations on the help page that describe why one might not be allowed to switch did not seem to include anything relevant to me.

This is all a way of asking if you considered switching (although I bet your blog will be too big) to beta. Or WordPress. Melissa at "Sugared Harpy" said she was overjoyed when she made the switch to WordPress. (It intimidates me a bit, though.)

Anonymous said...

I use Wordpress and it always works. Just sayin..

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